01/04/2015 10:36 BST | Updated 01/06/2015 10:12 BST

World's Oldest Family: 12 Siblings Have More Than 1,000 Years Between Them


Meet the oldest family in the world with a total age of 1,019 years and 336 days between the 12 of them.

The record-breaking Tweeds are aged between 76 and 95 and between them have 33 grandchildren, 59 great-grandchildren and 17 great-great-grandchildren,

They are Elsie, 95, Reginald, 92, Robert, 91, Cynthia, 89, Ralph, 87, Noel, 85, Eric, 83, Ronnie, 82, Malcolm, 81, Valerie, 79, Phyllis, 78, and Eunice, 76.

The family found out they were the oldest after extensive checks by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Third youngest Valerie McCaffrey said: "It is incredible to think we are the oldest family in the world."

A 1939 photo shows them at their Coventry home with barmaid mum Flo and brewery drayman dad Percy, who had 16 children.

Joe, Julia, Jessie and Trevor have since died.

Phyllis Smith joked her parents 'had to snuggle up" because of no central heating 'and one thing leads to another'.


The world record was officially recognised last November - when their combined age totalled 1,019 years and 336 days - after months of checks were carried out.

And the 12 siblings remain close and still meet up every year at their gigantic family gatherings.

Eight of them still live in Coventry where they were brought up by their mum Flo, who died aged 59 in 1956, and dad Percy, who was 73 when he died in 1958.

Valerie added: "Growing up was fun, all being in the same house together.

"I think 23 months was the longest time our mother went without being pregnant. But there wasn't really any television in those days.

"We all keep in touch and we are having a big family gathering in June for my 80th birthday.

"It is great when we all get together. We all natter away for hours and the older brothers talk about their war service."


ELSIE, 95 - Twice-wed widow once did a milk round on a horse and cart, lives in Coventry.

REGINALD, 92 - Widowed dad-of-three, retired butcher, lives in Coventry.

ROBERT, 91 - Married with two children, he caught malaria in WW2, lives in Measham, Derbyshire.

CYNTHIA, 89 - Married for 65 years with four children, lives in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

RALPH, 87- Married dad-of-one, worked 36 years for GPO, lives in Coventry.

NOEL, 85 - Retired brewery driver who lives in Coventry with sister Elsie.

ERIC, 83 - Married with three children, former head of market traders' association, Coventry.

RONALD, 82 - Married with two sons, ex-hairdresser, lives in Leicester.

MALCOLM, 81 - Widower with two children, worked in Australia for eight years, lives in Wales.

VALERIE, 79 - Married mum-of-five, retired telephonist, lives in Coventry.

PHYLLIS, 78 - Married with two sons, she was a clerk, lives in Coventry.

EUNICE, 76 - Married with four children, retired machinist, lives in Coventry.

TREVOR - The baby died aged 18 months from meningitis in 1930.

JESSIE - The dancer died of rheumatic fever aged 18 in 1944.

JOE - The milkman died aged 71 in 1989.

JULIA - The GP surgery worker died aged 72 in 1993.