Ed Miliband Says He Is 'Proud To Be A Geek', Has Never Pulled A Moonie

Ed Miliband has pleaded "guilty" to being a geek and insisted the tag is a "compliment" that he is proud of. However the Labour leader failed a geek test put to him during an interview with Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd.

Tested on his geekiness, Miliband said he had not ever played Dungeons and Dragons, been a member of a chess club or ever gone train spotting. "I am relieved of geekdom, you are relieving me," he told Lloyd.

However Miliband did own up to a "big passion" for the ZX Spectrum computer game Manic Miner, saying: "I was really good at Manic Miner. As I remember, there were 20 levels. I'm not sure I'm very good at hand/eye coordination but I was good at Manic Miner. I used to drive my parents slightly mad because you used to play it on the telly, obviously, so they wouldn't be able to watch"

Miliband was also tested on some non-geeky activities:

Have you ever chopped wood with an axe? "Nope."

Have you ever downed a pint? "Yes, wait, in one go? No."

Have you ever pulled a moonie? "No, definitely not. It's David Cameron you are thinking of."

Miliband also took a question from the owner of one of his local restaurants. Asked how spicy he likes his food, Miliband said "not that spicy". And he gently mocked Cameron for having said he liked really spicy meals. "That shows what a tough guy he is," the Labour leader laughed.

Among the other questions put to him, Miliband had to expose the myth that he had been on Blue Peter as a child. However he said as a ten-year-old he met presenter John Noakes at Kings Cross train station. "He was was moderately friendly," Miliband said.

The last film to make Miliband cry, he said, was Pride. "Pride is about the lesbian and gay community in London who go and help the miners in Wales and Justine and I watched it recently. I blubbed," he said.

"Give us a hell yeah?" Lloyd asked as the interview began. "Hell yeah," Miliband replied.