Easter Decorations: How To Decorate Hard Boiled Eggs For Easter Using Nail Varnish

While the shops are jam-packed with Christmas decorations in December, it can be harder to find cute items to decorate your home at Easter.

In the past, we've found the best solution is to make our own.

That's why we wanted to share this video with you from our clever friends over at

The video demonstrates how to make beautiful decorated eggs that can be handed out as gifts or used to brighten up your table.

All you'll need to make these goodies is several hard-boiled eggs, a few bottles of nail polish, some plastic cups and some water.

Tip: You're not planning to eat these eggs, so boil them for longer than you would normally to ensure they're nice and hard.

Tip: Go for pastel coloured nail polish for an Easter look that all the family will love.

Tip: Easy now, you don't want to mix the colours completely.

Tip: Wear gloves - this part can get messy.

Tip: Make sure the nail polish joins on both sides so that all of the egg is covered.

Tip: Leave them in separate bowls until you're sure the colours won't run.

And voila: you've decorated eggs for Easter using nail polish.

Check out the slideshow below for more egg-decorating ideas.

Have fun!

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