Baby Girl's Reaction To Egg-Laying Toy Hen Is Hilarious (Video)

Baby in diaper isolated on white (open mouth)
Baby in diaper isolated on white (open mouth)

When you're a baby, the world is full of surprises – as this little girl keeps finding out again and again!

In this hilarious video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times, cutie is mesmerised by a toy hen that keeps laying eggs.

She can barely believe her eyes as the motorised bird bounces up and down and pops out an egg – and her reaction is priceless.

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When the first egg emerges she cries for joy and when the third comes she lets out a shriek with her arms waving around.

Before laying its eggs, the toy bird plays a short song, chiming: "I'm about to show you how it's done, laying eggs is so much fun."

After the show is over, the baby's big sister asks if she would like to see it again.

The little girl lets out another scream as an emphatic 'yes' as she sits wriggling in her highchair.

YouTube user Shkesi, who uploaded the video, says the baby's 'egg-static' reaction is something that 'never gets old'.