‘Britain's Got Talent': The Worst Auditions Ever - Featuring Failed Knife-Throwing, Awful Singers And Um, Eye-Ball Popping (VIDEOS)

Are These The Worst 'BGT' Auditions EVER?

Over the years, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has given us plenty to cheer about.

We were all left stunned six years ago, when Susan Boyle stepped onto the stage for the first time, and last year, acts such as Bars And Melody and Paddy and Nico stole our hearts.

However, some auditions have left us speechless for all the wrong reasons.

For instance, we’ve previously seen awful singers (with even worse attitudes), botched knife stunts and people “singing” from orifices that definitely aren’t musical. And that was just 2009.

Check out the worst ever ‘BGT’ auditions below...


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