'Attention Barf Cleaners': Kid Vomits In Book Shop, Then Sends Adorable Apology Note

Ah, if only more correspondence was addressed: "Attention barf cleaners"...

Yes, that was what was written on the envelope of this gift card that a little boy sent to book shop in Portland, Oregan.

"This Ben and Jerry's card is for the people who cleaned up the throw up of a kid on Friday the 28th," wrote Jack.

"I don't know their names but I thanked them a lot and I'm sorry again for throwing up and hope you enjoy your ice cream."

From Jack, the kid that puked right next to the bathroom."

Bless you, Jack. And in case you're doubting - yes, it really did happen. As the shop's manager Jennifer Wicka attested to ABC: "Somebody just told me that their friend puked right outside the bathroom, and sure enough there it was. It was spread out really far, like 10 feet in diameter."

Delightful. Hopefully the staff didn't eat so much ice cream that they did likewise...

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