You Can Now Legally Divorce Someone Over Facebook

You Can Now Legally Divorce Someone Over Facebook

A judge in New York has made a landmark ruling which will allow a person to serve divorce papers through Facebook Messenger.

According to NY Daily News, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper gave Ellanora Baidoo permission to serve her husband the divorce papers on the grounds that he has been almost impossible to contact.

Ellanora Baidoo married Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku back in 2009, but since then he has barely been in contact, speaking to her only by phone or through Facebook.

With the last address registered back in 2011, Blood-Dzraku has reportedly said he is out of work, has no fixed address and has since refused to be any part of the divorce process.

It's on these grounds that the judge decided to make an exception. Baidoo's lawyer says that this new law is 'necessary' considering the circumstances.

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