Beards Might Be Trendy, But Are They Hygienic? (Answer: Not Really)

There's no disputing that facial hair is fashionable right now.

But is it hygienic?

Sounds grim. But before you reach for the razor, let us enlighten you on a few things.

It's no secret that beard hair is coarse and, as a result, it traps more dirt and germs than other hair on your body.

But despite the pride and joy of your face being a little grubby, there are already lots of different microbes living on your skin (whether you have a beard or not) including bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses and mites. Most of which are either harmless or good for you.

Moustaches, on the other hand, are a breeding ground for bacteria because of the warm, moist air leaving your nose.

A more recent study found that we need to find a way to "decontaminate" human hair in order to rid it of bacteria completely. But, let's face it, it's probably not going to happen.

The moral of the story: beards are filled with bacteria. But so is your skin.

And if you're still concerned about the hygiene of your facial hair then remember to a) wash it regularly with shampoo and b) don't let food build up in there - because, well, that's just gross.

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