Carlsberg Poster In Brick Lane Lets Passers-By Pour Their Own Pint (Yes Really)

Is This The Best Poster Ever? (Answer: Yes, Yes It Is)

A big, green ominous-looking poster has cropped up on Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

But this isn't just any poster. This is a billboard, sat (rather aptly) outside of hipster hotspot, the Truman Brewery.

And guess what? It spouts beer from a pump enabling passers-by to pull themselves a free pint.

As part of its If Carlsberg Did campaign, the supplier of beer and lager has released a self-service billboard allowing punters to grab a taste of the brand's beer while on-the-go.

Despite the stunt being very overindulgent (we can't imagine how much beer they'd need to pump through the poster in order to refresh Shoreditch's inhabitants - let alone London's), it's also sure to get people talking - and swigging, for that matter.

And with the sudden influx of good weather, their timing couldn't have been better.

Cold beer, anyone?

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