The Rachel Green Meat Trifle From 'Friends' Has Finally Come To Life

Someone's Actually Made Rachel's Meat Trifle From 'Friends'
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Remember that episode of 'Friends' when Rachel got the pages of a recipe book stuck together and accidentally made a weird trifle-Shepherd's Pie hybrid? Y'know, The One Where Ross Got High?

Well, somebody has actually made that trifle. Neil Killham announced his intentions on Twitter and took us on a culinary journey through this bizarre dessert.

Referencing Ross's description of the trifle in the show, Neil later tweeted: "Well, this trifle doesn't taste like feet at least... It is fucking horrible though."

Don't get yourself down, Neil. We're sure it's lovely.

No, Rachel. No you weren't. You're not supposed to put beef in a Shepherd's Pie either, it's always traditionally made with lamb. That's why Neil decided to go traditional, and we're proud of him for it.

"I pretty much followed Rachel’s recipe: it’s the same layers, except I’ve used a different sponge instead of ladyfingers and I didn’t make the custard myself. I also replaced the beef with lamb because it’s supposed to be half shepherd’s pie, not cottage pie," he told Metro.


Here's that famous clip in case you want to refresh your memory:

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