13/04/2015 08:55 BST | Updated 13/06/2015 06:12 BST

65-Year-Old Mum Of 13 Is Pregnant With Quads


A 65-year-old woman -who already has 13 children – is pregnant with quadruplets.

Annegret Raunigk, from Berlin, will become the oldest woman in the world to have quads.

She became pregnant via artificial insemination after being given both donated sperm and eggs.

Annegret – who is 21 weeks pregnant - is already well known after she had a daughter, Leila, at the age of 55. She is photographed above in 2005 with her 13th baby Lelia on her lap.

Her 13 children are by five different fathers and the oldest is now 44, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Annegret said she was shocked when a scan showed she was carrying four babies and her gynaecologist initially raised the option of an abortion.

Despite being due to retire from teaching this year, Anngret decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and said she was "still quite fit" and able to look after four babies.

Annegret, who features in a documentary on German television tonight (Monday), said she wasn't worried about the birth.

She said: "I feel fit. I don't think I will have any problems."

Speaking of the moment she learned she was carrying quadruplets, she said: "Sure, it was a shock for me. Once the physician established that there are four babies inside me then I had to do some thinking."

Annegret, who teaches English and Russian, said her gynaecologist mentioned the possibility of an abortion but she decided against this option.

Her physician, Dr Kai Hertwig, said: "So far her age has not come into play but quadruplet pregnancies are always a high risk. We are keeping a close watch on her heart circulatory system, but we have little or no experience with a woman of this age."

Annegret said she had no moral qualms about getting pregnant later in life.

She said: "I think one needs to decide for oneself and not listen too much to the opinions of others."

The record for the oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets is held by Merryl Fudel from the US, who was 55.

The oldest woman ever to have a child was Omkari Panwar, who was believed to be 70 when she gave birth to twins in India.

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