Girl Gets 'Attacked' By Manatee, Completely Freaks Out

It's like 'Jaws'... but without the threat.

Yes, Caroline Winch was having a lovely time swimming off the coast of Florida with her friends, when a friendly manatee appeared in the water.

The the video capturing this moment has now gone viral, thanks to Winch's priceless reaction. (Warning: it contains mild swearing. We did say the reaction was priceless.)

“It was really big, it was a lot bigger than I thought," Winch later told US news show 'Inside Edition'. "It was like very large, I was thinking it had teeth and I was starting to think it’s a shark’s cousin, it could hurt me. I could die out here, my mom would not see me again, I was very nervous.”

Thankfully, Winch didn't die - what with manatees being herbivores, an' all - but is instead a global internet star. As for the manatee - well, if only it had had the presence of mind to do this:

Smile for the... What the ?!*&@