Sony's Stylish Cabinet Uses Lasers To Throw A Massive 147-inch 4K Screen Onto Your Wall

Stylish $50k Cabinet Is Actually A Massive 147-inch 4K Projector

Sony has built a $50,000 cabinet for your living room. Except that it's not actually a cabinet, it's a state-of-the-art laser projector that'll blast a massive 147-inch 4K window up onto your wall.

The stunning Ultra Short Throw Projector started life in the US, however Sony has since made the highly sensible decision of bringing this technological work of art to the UK and Europe.

While at first glance it looks like a low-standing cabinet the centre unit roof slides back to reveal a power laser projector which can then 'throw' a 4K image up onto any wall that it's place against.

Sony isn't calling it a TV, instead they're calling the screen an 'entertainment window' and honestly we can see why. The design is such that it hides everything within the cabinet.

That includes two speakers and two actual cabinets where you can store the inevitable games consoles you'll then go out and buy.

There are a number of drawbacks however and sadly, they're quite big. Firstly it's stunning, and judging by the accompanying images, you're going to need a minimalist flat with at least one giant, perfectly painted white wall. Secondly you're going to need a very large dog (see product site). Finally -- and this one's a biggie -- you're going to need $50,000.

Look, no one said that having good taste wasn't expensive.

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector


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