'Wonder Woman' Film: Director Michelle MacLaren Quits Project Over 'Creative Differences'

The upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ film is now looking for a new director, after Michelle MacLaren was confirmed to have quit the project.

Michelle, best known for directing episodes of the critically-acclaimed series ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Breaking Bad’, had originally been thought to be at the helm of the new superhero film, which will star Gal Gadot in the leading role.

Michelle MacLaren

However, a statement released from production company Warner Bros has revealed that she will no longer be directing, due to “creative differences”.

The statement reads: “Given creative differences, Warner Bros and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct Wonder Woman together.”

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The stand-alone ‘Wonder Woman’ film will follow on from the upcoming ‘Batman vs Superman’ film, which will re-introduce audiences to Wonder Woman, though it’s not yet known who will be replacing Michelle as director.

‘Wonder Woman’ is reportedly slated for release in June 2017, though Michelle claimed last year that the film had neither a completed script nor an official release date so far.

Superhero fans can look forward to seeing her in character as Wonder Woman for the first time in ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’, which is due for release in March 2016.


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