‘Coronation Street' Spoiler: Fire Brigade Called After Filming Ends In ‘An Explosion, Flames And Smoke'

The ‘Coronation Street’ cast received a visit from the fire brigade on Tuesday evening, when filming sessions for an “explosive” scene resulted in flames and smoke on set.

Until now, ‘Corrie’ fans had no idea that bosses were planning the dramatic episode, but storyline details have now been revealed.

Don't panic everyone, the Rovers is still standing!

A ‘Corrie’ spokesperson has explained the situation to Mirror Online, stating: "These scenes were for episodes to be screened in May for a fire that happens at the Victoria Court flats.

"We can't reveal much more than that in terms of storyline but the fire service were aware of us filming the scenes as we had spoken to the fire service last week.

"We also had fire and safety marshals on set as well as an independent company."

So far this year, there’s been plenty going on in Weatherfield, including the recent return of Sarah-Louise Platt.

Since being back on the Street with her teen tearaway daughter Bethany, Sarah’s had plenty to deal with, and she’s currently risking everything for an affair with drug dealer Calum.

Earlier this year, a number of characters were also involved in a dramatic minibus crash, that left one Underworld worker fighting for her life.

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