‘Coronation Street' Spoiler: Crash Details Revealed! Sinead Tinker To Be Left ‘Seriously Injured' (PICS)

First Look! 'Corrie' Bus Crash Leaves Sinead Seriously Injured
Coronation Street
Coronation Street
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The first details of the minibus crash set to rock ‘Coronation Street’ have been revealed by ITV bosses.

The crash will take place later this month, and some of the street’s best-loved characters will be left fighting for their lives.

The crash

The crash will take place when the staff of Underworld head off for an evening out, with Steve McDonald at the wheel.

However, the night will end in disaster when their bus is run off the road by boy racers, and at least one character will be trapped in the bus, which is left teetering close to a sheer drop.

Bosses have stated that Sinead Tucker will suffer the worst injuries, while Steve will be forced to face the truth about his ongoing depression.

Can all the characters escape before the bus tumbles off the cliff?

Carla Connor and Tracy Barlow will also be at the centre of the drama, and the incident will change their relationship forever.

The scenes took three weeks to film and the soap’s producer Stuart Blackburn has commended the cast’s efforts, stating: ”Everyone involved in filming these dramatic episodes is very proud of the end results. The stunt is breathtaking and is real edge of the seat stuff.

“But, in the spirit of great storytelling, the crash itself is just the start of the drama and will have far reaching effects for all the people involved in the coming months.”

The crash drama will take place across three episodes, airing on 19 and 21 January.

See all the photos from the episodes below…


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