AIAIAI Launches The Headphones That You Build Yourself

AIAIAI Launches The HeadphonesThat You Build Yourself

Danish audio company AIAIAI has unveiled the TMA-2 headphones, except it hasn't, its released hundreds of them.

The TMA-2 is built around an entirely modular framework which means you can built the perfect pair of headphones for you, depending on your budget and sound preferences.

With 360 different combinations possible the TMA-2 headphones be built from scratch using the sites interactive builder. Each option is explained in detail so even if you weren't an audio perfectionist to begin with you will be by the end of the process.

Whether you're after a driver that can deliver those bass notes without compromising on clarity, or a headband that's comfortable for entire albums yet strong enough to survive being thrown into a bag.

If you're worried about getting started then don't panic, AIAIAI has three presets put in place which start at £100 going all the way up to £185.

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