‘Coronation Street': Sarah Harding Reveals That She Didn't Audition For The Soap

Sarah Harding Wowed The 'Corrie' Producers In An Unusual Way

Sarah Harding is currently getting ready to make her ‘Coronation Street’ debut, and ahead of it, she’s made a surprising admission.

While most actors have to audition for the role, Sarah’s claiming she didn’t need to - as the ‘Corrie’ team just went on YouTube instead.

Sarah Harding

“The producers know that I love the show. I do charity work with them and, at an event, they could tell I was a fan as I was going mental at the cast.

“I didn’t have to do an audition – they YouTubed me and saw what I did, so I was lucky. And it might just turn out to be a longer stint. Watch this space.”

The former 'Girls Aloud' star is set to star in just a handful of 'Corrie' episodes, but if she's a hit with fans her stay in Weatherfield could be extended.

It's believed that she'll arrive on the Street with Robert Preston, Tracy Barlow's ex-husband.

While the whole process has been wonderfully easy for Sarah, other budding stars don’t have this luxury… like Shayne Ward.

He’s also a life-long ‘Corrie’ fan, but when he fancied treading t’cobbles, he had to audition like errm, the rest of us.

Sadly, Shayne’s been kept waiting by bosses and as far as we know, he hasn’t had a call back (yet - but fingers crossed, eh?).

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