'Countdown': Rachel Riley Holds It Together (Just) As 'Erection'... Erm... Comes Up As An Answer

Oh, We Do Love A Rude Word On 'Countdown'

Look there are some things that will always be funny no matter how immature they might seem. John Travolta saying ‘Adele Dazeem’ at the Oscars last year. Jesy from Little Mix attempting a Jamaican accent. And rude words coming up on ‘Countdown’.


Thankfully for anyone who enjoys a cheap laugh (that’ll be us, then), Thursday’s edition of the Channel 4 gameshow sees Rachel Riley trying to stifle her giggles when exactly that happens.

A rude word, we mean. Not John Travolta. Unfortunately.

Both contestants were no doubt chuffed when they managed to score an impressive eight-letter word each… until they realised that meant they were going to have to actually say the word “erection” on national telly.

Rachel Riley stands proudly by the 'erection'

Is this ‘Countdown’ or ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, Channel 4?

However, ever the professionals, both Rachel and presenter Nick Hewer managed to keep it together, while over in Dictionary Corner, Susie Dent was even more pleased with herself when she managed to present the nine-letter word ‘Recondite’.

Susie, that’s all well and good. But there’s a rude word up on the board. Surely you can allow yourself at least a cheeky snigger?

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time an ‘erection’ has *ahem* popped up on ‘Countdown’, after the same word was played back in October.

Let it never be said that ‘Countdown’ isn’t a stiff competition...

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