This 'Humans Of New Yorks' Post About A Woman Called Beyoncé Has One Of The Best Facebook Comment Threads We've Ever Seen

Humans Of New York is a wonderful, fascinating thing. Started by photographer Brandon Stanton in 2010, it's a photography series which gives a glimpse into the lives and stories of the myriad of people who inhabit the Big Apple. Showing New York City "one story at a time", these stories can be ordinary or extraordinary - or sometimes both. But above all, they're always very, well, human.

Just one of these people is a young woman called Beyoncé. And what she had to say about her name in this Humans Of New York Facebook post has sparked one of the loveliest, funniest comments threads on all of Facebook...

“Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person. My family moved...

Posted by Humans of New York on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Why? Because there are an awful lot of people out there who feel Beyoncé's pain - due to the fact that they have a famous namesake, too.

Tweeter Color Money brought some of the comments to everyone's attention, calling it 'the funniest comment section of all time'.

She may be right. From Will Smith to Jane Bond, here are some of the heartfelt responses to Beyoncé's namesake issue:

Humans Of New York - famous namesakes

We hope Beyoncé has found some solace in realising she's not alone. And in realising that it could be much, much worse. She could be called Gym Socks.