Mystery Of Humphrey The Cockerel Has Yorkshire Town Of Driffield In A Flap

It all started when tweeter @angryflatcap alerted us to a posting in his local classifieds:

Yes, a rooster called Humphrey had been left in the garden of postman Christopher Kitchen in Driffield, Yorkshire, with a note that read:

"Thanks again for looking after Humphrey, we've left him in the garden as discussed.

He will need one cup of feed per day and water. I think we covered everything else last week.

We arrive home on the 24th, so we will come and pick Humphrey up that afternoon.

Any problems just call us

thanks again

Andy & Sarah"

Well, there is one small problem, Andy and Sarah. You left Humphrey in the wrong garden.

Mr Kitchen admitted to the Hull Daily Mail that he's "just baffled by it all".

"I put an appeal on Facebook and you think someone would know an Andy and Sarah who own a cockerel called Humphrey but no one has come forward," he told the paper.

In the meantime, Humphrey is being looked after by a friend of Kitchen's - and he's even got his own Facebook page:

Andy and Sarah return from their holiday this Friday. Just wait 'til they find out what's been going on in their absence...