Jon Stewart Dismisses Piers Morgan, Asking 'Isn't There A Room In Tower Of London Where You Can Just Lock Him Up?'

Why Jon Stewart Suggested Locking Piers Morgan Up In Tower Of London

If you’re in the small but passionate group of people who have a trouble stomaching Piers Morgan smirking down at you from a nearby TV screen - turns out you’re not alone, with Daily Show host Jon Stewart asking the Guardian, “Isn’t there a room underneath the Tower of London where you can just lock him up?”

Jon was speaking in an interview, recorded just days after Piers had blamed CNN fellow presenter Anderson Cooper for his falling ratings, and hence his sacking from the US network, something for which Jon had little apparent patience.

“That guy might be the biggest… He’s upset because he got shit-kicked. Wh’s he going to blame - himself? That would mean self-reflection of which he’s incapable.”

Piers Morgan has both his fans and his critics - it appears Jon Stewart is among the latter

And Jon also touched on the hacking scandal to beset the British press and recent allegations that Piers was across it “on an industrial scale” during his time at the Mirror.

“That is a guy who is a bad person, which is fine - bad people are everywhere. But where does something like that come from? Is there a secret fountain of doucheyness somewhere?… Just awful."

While Piers Morgan remains an unapologetically polarizing figure, it is unclear if there is anything in particular that has ignited Jon Stewart’s contempt. During his brief but well-luminated stint on American TV, Piers led an unwinnable crusade against gun ownership, a campaign which puts him firmly on the same side of the debate as the Daily Show host. Evidently, this isn’t enough to warrant a dinner party invitation.

Fortunately for Piers, he may be too busy to notice. This morning saw him penning a passionate column in the Daily Mail, lamenting that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is probably "the most dangerous woman in the world".

And in brighter news, his recent stint on ‘Good Morning Britain’ proved so successful that ITV bosses are reportedly deliberating on a permanent slot for him on the breakfast sofa.

Wonder if Jon Stewart will be tuning in.

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