Man Shoots Computer Eight Times After Suffering Tech Rage

A man from Colorado Springs, US has been charged with discharging his firearm within the city limits are he became so enraged with his computer that he took it outside and shot it, eight times.

Now we've heard of tech rage before, indeed there isn't a person out there that hasn't experienced the infuriating rage of a computer that crashes all the time or Apple's infamous spinning rainbow wheel of doom.

However, most of these problems can usually be resolved through a reset, or in extreme cases by taking it along to an IT repair specialist.

Guns, however, are not usually considered the norm when it comes to computer repair. For starters computers are incredibly delicate machines and the addition of an object moving at several hundreds of miles per hour can often have a negative effect on the smooth operation of a microscopic transistor.

Secondly it's illegal. Finally, and this is probably the most important one, it's just plain stupid.