Mystery Man's Random Act Of Kindness Reduces New York Subway Flower Seller To Tears

City-dwellers - especially New Yorkers - are not renowned for their selfless generosity.

Which is why, perhaps, the person who uploaded this video called it 'Miracle on 6 train'.

The 6 train runs between the Bronx and Brooklyn Bridge - and on this particular day, something rather lovely happened on it.

A young man offered a flower seller $140 for her entire wares - dozens of roses, of all colours - and as he handed his money over, told her: "You've got to do me a favour. You've got to give them out... give them out to everybody. Don't sell any of them. Give them all away."

The man's humanity - this random act of kindness - immediately moved the flower seller to tears. "Anybody who wants a rose, you can come and get one," she finally told the people in the carriage.

We don't just bring you LOL videos here at HuffPost UK Comedy, you know. Sometimes it's about spreading joy in other ways, too...

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