Where Are The Best Investment Property Hotspots In The UK?

You could be forgiven for thinking that anyone who wants to make money from investment property should head to London. In some parts of the capital a third of the housing stock is given over to rental property, and average rents top £2,000 a month. It looks like the perfect market.

However, we've done the maths, and discovered that despite all this, London has one major drawback for property investors: the cost of buying the property in the first place. It means that despite sky-high rents, average rental yields often fall well below 4%.

If you want a better return on your investment, you need to look beyond London, to some of the regional cities that offer average returns of up to 8.7%.

Take a look at the top ten hotspots offering the best returns for property investors:


The Top 10 Top Ten Property Hotspots

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