The Oxford jab is also 100% effective at keeping people out of hospital with severe illness.
It comes as scientists working on the Covid vaccine raise the prospect of having a booster dose available by the autumn.
The high success rate from one part of the study has come under scrutiny this week. Here's what we know.
“It’s not going to eat your cat. You wouldn’t want it to bite you, but it would only give you a nasty wound."
Pharma giant AstraZeneca says it's "too early to comment on pricing post-pandemic".
While the proportion of BAME students increased to one fifth last year, the number of Black students on some courses remains extremely low.
A petition to remove the statue has been signed more than 110,000 times.
"It's certainly not for the money!" People who have signed up to take part in a Covid-19 vaccine trial talk about their "act of hope" amid the pandemic.
What happened to Ebenezer Azamati is the effect of racist and ableist exclusion at its most violent, journalist Micha Frazer-Carroll writes.
John Letts and Sally Lane tried to send money to their son after he travelled to Syria at the age of 18.