23/04/2015 06:49 BST | Updated 23/04/2015 07:59 BST

Labour Denies Party Press Officer Pulled Over BBC Cameraman - Video Seems To Show Otherwise

The Labour Party has been forced to deny that one of its press officers pulled over a BBC cameraman during a campaign visit by Ed Miliband.

As the video above shows, the cameraman falls to the floor in the press scrum as the Labour leader gets off his battle bus. At first glance it appears as if he is dragged down. "It is categorically untrue to suggest that a Labour staff member in any way pulled over a BBC camera," the party insisted following allegations of foul play.

And Richard Perry, the cameraman, said he simply "got tangled up with someone's legs" and fell. "She was trying to guide me," he said of the press officer. "I fell over. Not her fault."


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