Russell Brand Takes Aim At Obama Administration After 'Emperor's New Clothes' Screening

Russell Brand had Barack Obama and his Administration in his sights during a Q&A session, following the debut screening of his new film 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.

Watch what Russell has to say about the US president above.

Russell was debuting his new documentary, which he filmed with acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom, and which explores how the brunt of the economic crisis in this country is being borne by the poorer members of society, while bankers continue to collect their bonuses.

Russell has a mission, and it's to upset the apple cart

In the film, Russell also doorsteps the Daily Mail's owner Lord Rothermere, visiting his house and asking him to explain his non-domiciled tax status. Watch him in action here...

At the screening, Russell promised the crowd he's not done now he's finished his book and the film, there's more where that came from...

This week, Michael Winterbottom spoke to HuffPostUK about making the film with Russell, and the surprise he got when they went to the City of London to film the bankers that were the subjects of their wrath.

“When we were filming in the banks, even the city workers would come up and ask for a hug,” said Michael. “These were the people we were railing against in the film, but they didn’t seem to mind. Russell has a strange attraction that crosses over these boundaries.”

Click here for the rest of the interview, including why the director thinks Russell is the perfect person to talk about inequality...

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