‘EastEnders' Spoiler: Dot Cotton Appears In Court To Face Murder Charge (PICS)

'EastEnders' Reveals All-Star Line-Up For Dot's Trial

It’s been over two months since Dot Cotton was charged with murder during ‘EastEnders’ live week, and now, the Albert Square veteran is set to finally appear in court.

Bosses have revealed that the court proceedings will feature a number of high-profile guest stars.

Surely they can't jail Dot for good?

William Gaunt, who is well-known for his role in ‘No Place Like Home’, will be playing the Judge, while ‘Casualty’ star Ben Turner will be fighting Dot’s corner as Adrian Quinlan.

Sian Webber will also be returning as Phil Mitchell’s lawyer Ritchie Scott, which appears to answer the question of what his secret meetings with the attorney have been about.

Jaye Griffiths, who TV fans will recognise from ‘Silent Witness’ is tasked with playing the prosecutor, Helen Stritch, while Eugene Washington will play the court clerk.

‘EastEnders’ viewers were left stunned back in February, when Dot confessed to to the murder of her son Nick.

Dot's arrest was one of live week's big surprises

Nick’s emotional death scenes saw Dot decide not to call for help as he lay dying, in a bid to punish him for the many awful deeds he’d done over the years.

In the weeks since her arrest, many of Walford’s residents have attempted to get Dot to change her mind, and plead not guilty to the crime.

Will she have a last minute change of heart?

Watch Dot’s ‘EastEnders’ court appearance on Friday 8 May.


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