Katie Price And Perez Hilton Slam Katie Hopkins After 'Talk Show Plans Are Axed'

Katie Price has reignited her feud with long-standing rival and former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Katie Hopkins, following reports that her planned talk show had been shelved.


Earlier this week, it was claimed that the notorious motormouth would not be fronting her own show after all, largely due to the fact that no celebrities wanted to associate themselves with it.

Pricey has now suggested that she may have been one of the celebs to give Katie Hopkins the thumbs down, after she tweeted: “Looks like I wasn't the only person to say NO to a certain debate show!”

Katie Price

Sticking the boot in further, she added: “About time her head comes out her a***e h***e! darling your a loser [sic]”

Perez Hilton - who came to blows with Katie Hopkins on a number of occasions on ‘CBB’ - then weighed in on his page, putting it all down to “karma”. Well, actually, “#Karma”.

Katie Hopkins

The two Katies hadn’t exactly been the best of friends before they both entered the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house back in January, but it looked as though over the course of the series - which ended with Pricey being named winner over Katie Hopkins - they had managed to bury the hatchet.

Of course, once they were firmly back in the outside world, this proved not to be the case, with the pair taking every opportunity possible to publicly slate each other in interviews.

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