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The feud has escalated – and yes, Scooter Braun and bottle caps are involved.
“You terrible and toxic influence on young girls.”
The “Roar” singer said a lot to a contestant with very little.
Well, at least some of the “Sex and the City” stars still get along.
Shirley couldn't resist once again laying into the routine dreamt up by Brendan. The ensuing couple of minutes, when it appeared as if they may actually come to blows, definitely made for uncomfortable, yet weirdly compulsive viewing.
Kanye West has hit out at Taylor Swift yet again, in a leaked recording, which was taped backstage at ‘Saturday Night Live
Over to you, Karren… This isn’t the first time in recent history that Duncan’s relationship with Nigora has faced criticism
Danny Dyer has never been one to shy away from saying exactly what’s on his mind, and his latest target is none other than