McBusted's Tom Fletcher Shares Adorable Home Video Of Son, Buzz, Laughing At Dandelion Seeds

Watch Tom Fletcher's Son Giggle Hysterically At Dandelion Seeds

McBusted'sTom Fletcher has, in the past, uploaded some absolute corkers to YouTube. But we think his latest video trumps them all.

From the guy who brought us that epic wedding speech and the beautiful timelapse video showing his wife Giovanna's pregnancy, comes this glorious insight into his (relatively) new life as a dad.

While out walking with his one-year-old son, Buzz, Fletcher picks up a dandelion and blows the seeds.

True to form, Buzz's reaction is absolutely priceless.

The pair then crack up on camera in what is probably the cutest father-son video ever.

"This is why being a Dad is awesome," wrote Fletcher on the caption for the video, which he uploaded one day ago.

"This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion... I think he liked it."

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