This Real Iron Man Glove Shoots Actual Lasers

This Real Iron Man Glove Shoots Actual Lasers

Seeing superheroes like Iron Man and Batman in action can result in extreme jealousy. By harnessing technology that's just beyond the fringes of what we're capable of they show us a future that propels humans beyond our own limitations.

Some enthusiasts just can't wait though, which is precisely why LaserGadgets, a company that builds custom-designed laser props has gone and built its very own Iron Man glove.

If you're interested the glove design is from Iron Man 2. It features a powerful blue palm laser that replicates the repulsor technology that Tony Stark installs in the hands while a red wrist-mounted laser replicates the film-ending weapon that Stark uses to cut a robot army in twain.

The glove even comes with a replica cartridge which then ejects after the wrist-mounted laser is fired.

While high-powered lasers are very clearly not toys, this glove absolutely is, for adults.


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