Comic Artist Brings His Tattoo To Life Using Augmented Reality

When Australian comic book artist Sutu created his interactive comic Modern Polaxis, little did he realise that he'd be able to bring so much more than the comic book to life.

Using augmented reality Sutu created pieces of art that would 'come alive' when looked at with the free iOS app.

Sutu then decided to try the app out on the tattoo on his arm - a drawing of the lead character taken directly from the comic.

I can't believe this worked! #ARtattoo

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Much to his surprise it worked, resulting in one of the coolest pieces of tech/art crossover we've seen.

This isn't the first time people have experimented with the idea of turning our bodies into gadgets. Motorola in fact made a wearable 'tattoo' that would allow you to unlock your phone.