Placido De Castro Players Fight Each Other On The Pitch After Conceding Five To Rio Branco

It's not unusual to see defenders having a word with each other after letting a goal slip through, but tensions were high between the backs when this team conceded their fifth goal of the game on Sunday night.

Placido de Castro's defenders Uilian and Fabio Junior started brawling after letting in the fifth goal of their match against Rio Branco in the Acre State championships, putting them in a suboptimal place in the league.

Club director Anizio de Oliveira apologised for the behaviour, saying: "Placido asks for forgiveness for this isolated incident. This is not the only time this has happened in Acre or Brazil. Our heads remain high, we know we made a mistake, but we will pay for our error."

The night's 5-2 result put Rio Branco in third place with a substantial +17 goal difference, leaving Placido in fifth with -4. If they don't crawl up to fourth place, Placido won't progress in the competition.

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