This Employee Is Taking No Sh*t, Her Kick-Ass Resignation Letter Sets The Record Straight

Stop everything, because this employee's resignation letter is going to make your day.

In what is probably the most honest and gutsy letter of notice we've ever seen, one Reddit user, Gahdzuks, decided to give her boss a piece of her mind using the lowest best form of wit - sarcasm.

The angry letter reads:

"I am sorry that my step mother died so suddenly from cancer. I am sorry that I am not a robot and was emotionally affected by her passing and had to miss work.

"I am sorry that I got sick and had to miss work so that I didn't get anyone else sick.

"I am sorry I work 47.5 hours per week (without getting paid the overtime that I am legally owed) for the last 7 months, and thus have little choice but to schedule necessary doctor's appointments during school hours.

"Clearly I am a terrible employee and for that I apologise.

"I know you hate people telling you how to do your job, but I suggest you start looking for my replacement. Immediately."

She's outta here.

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