Ed Miliband Tells Russell Brand He's 'Not Looking For Euphoria' From Voters

'I'm Not Looking For Euphoria,' Ed Miliband Tells Russell Brand

Ed Miliband has told Russell Brand that he is not looking for "euphoria" from voters about a Labour victory on election day and warned that it would take time to change the country in the way he wanted.

In much-hyped interview with the comedian, the Labour leader agreed he did not think the public would buy a Barack Obama-style "yes we can" campaign.

"I think we're in a world where people are passed the idea of - this bloke comes along and he says vote for Ed Miliband and if I'm on Downing Street on day one, life is kind of totally turned upside down. Firstly I don't think people want it and secondly I don't think people would believe it," he said.

"I'm not looking for euphoria, I know that sounds a bit weird. Obviously I want to get rid of the Tory government and that's going to be a very good thing for the country.

Miliband said change was hard, takes time, and warned voters that the world would not be "transformed" on the first day of a Labour government.

"It requires pressure and it takes effort and it takes people to demand the change to happen so I'm not looking for euphoria, I'm looking for a sense of this is real, concrete, deliverable change," he said.

A photograph of Miliband leaving Brand's London house on Monday evening kicked off a debate about whether a potential prime minister should be giving an interview to a comedian and Hollywood star during an election campaign.

Miliband defended taking part in the interview this morning. He told ITV he did it in order to engage with a new audience. "I think there are lots of people who are not going to vote in this election, who think it doesn't matter, who think who you vote for doesn't matter. Russell Brand has said that in the past. I thought it was right to take the argument to him. I think voting makes a huge difference," he said.


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