Denise Welch 'Happier And Healthier Than Ever' As She Approaches Three Years Sober

Denise Welch has said that she feels “healthier and happier than ever” as she approaches three years of sobriety.


The former ‘Loose Women’ presenter was once arguably as well known for her partying ways as she was for her TV appearances, but she gave up drinking after finding love with the man she would later go on to marry, Lincoln Townley.

Speaking about how her life has changed now she’s sober, Denise tells The Mirror: “It’s quite incredible how different, and better, my life is now.

Denise Welch

“Clearly there won’t be any wild celebrations because frankly I live a nun’s life now - and don’t get into a lot of bother.”

An ambassador for the mental health organisation, Mind, Denise has suffered bouts of depression ever since the birth of her son, but admits: “Now that I’m sober the episodes are much shorter lived.

“I never want to go back to my old partying ways.”

Since leaving the 'Loose Women' panel, and putting her partying ways behind her, Denise has returned to her original love of acting, touring in a production of 'Steel Magnolias' and appearing in the BBC drama series, 'Inspector George Lightly'.

Explaining why she decided to go back to being an actress, she told Closer this week: "The presenting side of my life had taken over and I became a celebrity and had done things like 'Celebrity Big Brother', which was not my finest hour.

"I thought it was about time I reminded people that I'm not a bad actress."

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