Stacey Solomon's Knife Trick Leaves 'Jackass' Star Steve-O With A Gash In His Face

Former 'X-Factor' contestant Stacey Solomon has left her boyfriend with a huge gash in his face after a knife stunt went wrong.

Her daredevil other-half, 'Jackass' star Steve-O, posted the clip online saying: "This was filmed by my sweetheart, and she told me to "stop being a pussy" when I was scared to try it the second time. @staceysolomon #is #awesome #shemademedoit."

Steve-O, 40, lies on the kitchen floor with a sharp knife dangling from the ceiling. As it loosens, he prepares to catch it in his mouth. Failing his first attempt, Stacey tells him to try again - and everything goes wrong.

The knife spun in mid air, landing on Steve-O's top lip blade-side down. Ouch.

The unlikely lovers started dating after they met on Channel 4's snowsports show'The Jump'.

Stacey, 25, says she fell for the former circus performer because "he is just the nicest person. He's young at heart and fun like me. But he's also very thoughtful."

Stacey Solomon

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