Russell Brand Backs Ed Miliband In General Election With New YouTube Video

Russell Brand has backed Ed Miliband, telling viewers of his YouTube channel to vote Labour on election day.

The comedian, who staged a high profile interview with Miliband last week, today revealed he had been convinced by what the Labour leader had to say.

"What I heard Ed Miliband say is that if we speak, he will listen. So on that basis I think we have no choice but to take decisive action to end the danger of the Conservative party. David Cameron might think I’m a joke but I don’t think there’s anything funny about what the Conservative party has been doing to this country and we have to stop them," he said.

Brand said that his endorsement did not include Scotland as he did not think Scots needed an English person "telling you what to do". He also advised people in Brighton to vote to reelect Green MP Caroline Lucas.

He added: "Anywhere else, you've got to vote Labour. You've got to get the Conservative Party out of government in this country."