12 Beautiful Plus-Size Models Who Are Totally 'Beach Body Ready'

Instagram/Marquita Pring

Over the past few weeks women (and fair few men) have been campaigning against a controversial Protein World advert which implied that not all women are "beach body ready".

The advert, which appeared throughout London Underground, was selling weight loss aids. The posters have been removed (they reached the end of the three-week advertising run) and the campaign is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Backlash against the campaign began a fortnight ago, with body image campaigners and feminists criticising the ad on social media. Not long afterwards, the adverts were being vandalised and women began posing next to campaign images in their bikinis to show that "all bodies are beach body ready", they even organised a demonstration last weekend to encourage body positivity among women, whatever their dress size.

But our favourite response has to be from Swimsuitsforall, a swimwear retailer who released its own version of the controversial ad starring plus-size model Ashley Graham.

So with that in mind, here are 10 beautiful plus size models who are totally rocking the beach body look - and can teach us all a valuable lesson in body confidence.

Liris Crosse

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Jennie Runk

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Tess Munster

Bishamber Das

Tara Lynn

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Marquita Pring

Candice Huffine

Felicity Hayward

Robyn Lawley

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Ashley Graham

Sophie Sheppard

Chloe Marshall

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