These 90-Second Videos Shows What A Difference Photoshop Can Make


We may be more aware than ever about the use of Photoshop in fashion, but the extent to which models are airbrushed can still shock.

Retoucher Elizabeth Moss of Rare Digital Art exposes what really happens behind-the-scenes of beauty campaigns by showing hours of photoshopping condensed into 90 seconds.

These videos are unique because none of the high-end retouchers make these type of videos," said Moss in an interview with PetaPixel. "The quality of the other before-and-after retouching videos available online are pretty terrible and not at all representative of what is typically done on high-fashion editorials and campaigns."

Moss, who has worked with magazines like Vogue, Elle, GQ, and Vanity Fair, uses the editing software to enlarge eyes, slim down "wide" faces and even add pores back to the skin after removing blemishes.

Is this level of transparency reassuring? Maybe, but the "Before" and "After" images reveal just how skewed our perception of beauty ideals really is.

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