Cooking Hacks: How To Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shells Using An Old Jumper And Some String

Scrambled eggs are delicious, but they're not exactly showstoppers. That is, unless they are scrambled in their shells.

That's right, you can scramble eggs without even cracking the outer shell, enabling you to serve up perfectly shaped scrambled egg to all your friends.

All you need for this oh so impressive life hack is an old jumper, some string, a sandwich bag and a torch.

Step 1: Put an egg in a sandwich bag

Step 2: Put the sandwich bag in the sleeve of a jumper and secure with strings or elastic bands

Step 3: Swing that jumper like there's no tomorrow

Step 4: Check the egg has been scrambled by shining a light through it

Step 5: Cook the egg in water - do not boil

Step 6: Peel and slice your perfectly scrambled egg

Step 7: Prepare to see your friends do this

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