Jon Stewart Reveals His Thoughts On The British Election

Wonder what 'The Daily Show' host - soon to be ex-host - Jon Stewart makes of the election happening across the Pond? Wonder no more.

Stewart was interviewed by Jon Snow on Channel Four News, and gave an insight into how he sees our politics.

After explaining why it's right for him to leave 'The Daily Show' just as another US election campaign is beginning, he compares the UK election process to the US ones. "You guys do it right," Stewart tells Snow. "You get to the same terrible results we get to, but you do it so much more efficiently. To do in six weeks what it takes us four years to accomplish is... well, it's quite exciting."

He then goes on to talk about the Miliband brothers, the SNP, Cameron and Miliband's un-Churchillian behaviour, political comedy and the "sober, concise, clear-minded" British news media. And at the start of the segment, he also talks about his debut film, 'Rosewater' - check out the clip below:

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