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The 73-year-old news anchor said he was "deeply grateful" to the couple's surrogate.
Almost 200 million voters in battleground states were categorised and sent tailored ads on Facebook and other platforms, an investigation has claimed.
The PM's dad turned up and offered to take his son's place in Thursday night's climate change debate.
Broadcaster was told it had "crossed the line" with Putin comparison. "It’s Trump-esque", insider says.
The ban was thought to have been sparked by an investigation into Nigel Farage last week.
Editor Ben de Pear said the broadcaster had been unaware of the ban until last Thursday.
The ex-UKIP leader's lifestyle was funded by the millionaire backer, a Channel 4 News investigation has claimed.
The presenter made the remark while commenting on the pro-Brexit march.
"I have never seen so many white people in one place, it’s an extraordinary story."