Channel 4 Plan ‘Structured Reality Show' On Celebrity Lookalike Agency

Channel 4 are set to film a one-off special, that will focus on the lives of individuals working as celebrity lookalikes.

The show has been given the green light following the huge success of the channel's online short film on the same topic.

David Brent lookalike Tim Oliver

Bosses have confirmed their plans to The Sun, stating: “This is a unique proposition, blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

“The lookalikes, their lives and jobs are all real. But where their personalities end and their celebrity alter egos begin is anyone’s guess.”

The special will reveal how a doppelganger agency in East Sussex, and its talent, cope as the popularity of celebrities changes.

The ‘structured reality’ format of the show means it’s likely to look more like ‘Made In Chelsea’, where scenes are sometimes set-up, than ‘One Born Every Minute’, which is collated footage filmed by fly-on-the-wall cameras.

An air date for the show is yet to be confirmed.

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