Metropolitan Police Officer Becomes #HipsterCop Internet Star

#HipsterCop Becomes Unlikely Star Of EDL March

One of the officers policing the EDL demonstration yesterday has become known as "Hipster Cop" after his shaved head, majestic beard and carefully-maintained moustache took the internet by storm.

He was photographed at the protest showing off facial attributes typical among the urban elite whom the EDL probably despise.

It began to circulate on Twitter after the photographer who took the image posted it.

People began joking about the officer's supposed Hipster taste in policing, phones and music.

...As well as how being a hipster inhibited his policing ability.

The nearest we came to learning who Hipster Cop is was this tweet from Sgt Nathan Shickle, who said he was "having a good old chuckle".

It wasn't clear whether Hipster Cop joined in with Sgt Shickle's.

A more senior officer pleaded for people to stop #HipsterCop from trending.

Hipster Cop was one of hundreds of officers who policed the EDL demonstration in Walthamstow on Saturday.

Witnesses say there are "hundreds" of police with vans, horses and dogs escorting a the EDL turnout of between 30 and 80.

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