Plus Size Woman Posts Underwear Selfies To Instagram Every Day For A Week (And The World Reacts Beautifully)

Plus Size Woman's Instagram Underwear Selfies Receive Beautiful Reaction

A plus size woman who took a picture of herself in her underwear every day for a week has spoken about the positive reaction her Instagram project received.

"I could count the number of negative comments on one hand, positive comments came in droves," Courtney Mina told People magazine.

Mina, 29, said she has always felt comfortable in her skin, but decided to take the photos in order to show other women that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

"I've reached the point already where I know that there is nothing wrong with my unique body and I have every right to celebrate it and love it as everyone else does," she said.

"I truly don't understand why everyone tries to conform to look the same way all the time, it's so boring."

Mina's pictures have steadily gained attention since she began her photo project at the end of February.

She's now got more than 38K Instagram followers and still posts photos in her favourite lingerie online (albeit not every day).

Blogging on HuffPost Women at the start of her photo journey, Mina said: "I want people of all shapes and sizes to know that if I can do this and feel this happy and confident with myself, you can, too.

"No one has to hide anymore... I may be comfortable posting half-naked photos of myself online for the public to see, but there are still so many who just haven't gotten there yet.

"If this experiment has shown anything, it's that plus size women are seen as positively sexual beings by many, that haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate (but you just shake 'em off) and that plus-size women can be loved, adored, supported, admired and celebrated."

Check out more of Courtney Mina's beautiful pictures below:

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