Man Recreates His Sad And Lonely Holiday Photos With His Wife And Baby - And They're Absolutely Adorable

Man Recreates His Sad, Lonely Holiday Snaps With His Wife And Baby

Kentucky man Kevin Blandford won the holiday of a lifetime last month.

Well, almost.

His employer gave him a free a holiday to Puerto Rico - as a reward for his performance at work - but he wasn't able to take his wife and baby with him.

Blandford posted his resulting holiday snaps on Imgur with the heading: "Won a trip to Puerto Rico and couldn't take my wife. Didn't have a single second of fun." Here are a few of them:

You get the idea. But then guess what happened? Because his miserable holiday album went viral, the hotel and Puerto Rican Tourism decided to treat Blandford, his wife and baby to the holiday they'd all wanted all along. The result was a recreation of his original photos - with a new, much happier, twist. Check out some of the wonderful 'Then' and 'Now' pictures:

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