How Two Little Girls Became Friends While Being Treated For Cancer

Two little girls with cancer have formed a friendship that has helped them find happiness while being treated in hospital.

Ava Garcia, four, was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys in August 2014.

She was taken to Texas Children's Hospital for treatment and found herself in a bed next to three-year-old Penny Smith who was diagnosed with skeletal muscle cancer in May 2014.

“It was like a play-date. Even though she was getting chemo, she was getting poked, it was stressful. It was easy going (to the hospital) knowing she was having fun,” said Cindy Sagan, Penny’s mother to ABC News.

Ava went into remission in February, but Sagan has been told Penny now only has weeks left to live.

“They are best friends through tragedy but they found each other and they’re going to hold on to each other for as long as possible,” said Sagan.

Ava and Penny saw each other every week during their chemotherapy treatments and they soon became best friends.

Ava's mother Christina Garcia said Ava wasn't scared when she lost her hair during the treatment, as she had a friend who looked just like her.

“Penny got to enjoy enjoy having a best friend. Ava got to enjoy that and Penny will forever be in our hearts and we will always remember her,” Garcia said.

Both families are now fundraising.

The Garcias are raising money to cover Ava's medical bills through and Penny's family are collecting donations through to help with funeral arrangements and to cover the time Sagan has taken off work to spend with her daughter.